Reflection eternal

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So, picking up the thread on the importance of an object´s aesthetic value. What´s so important about it? For me, depending on the aesthetic quality of an object, I believe a well designed object has visual qualities that challenge the viewer/owner, where it should stimulate us, and further on initiate a mind process.

I´ll use a polaroid of mine as an example. Hopefully it will underpin my point. A lot of my friends keep asking me about this picture. What is the story behind it? How did that shape arise? Is that a ghost? What is that light in the middle?  What is that in the lower right corner? well, I know the answers to all of this, however, I usually don´t tell. I rather let the viewer make up their own thoughts. They might not know photography and the technical explenations, but in some way it connects with them and challenge them. 


And that is my point. If the object in some way or the other communicates with you, and you make reflections around it you are in a process of cultivating yourself. You are nurturing the indivual, where you are improving and developing your skills and abilities to reflect, resonate and associate. Powerfull skills. 

The result of this is that a connection between the object and the viewer/owner is being created. They unite, and a certain ownership arise. This relationship is something we as designers should be striving for every time we design. This is an important element that can be used to prevent the overconsuming mentality excisting in todays society.

Which brings me back to the little girl playing with her bike in the Lines from a poem post.


Castles in the sky

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You know, when you are on a plain, above the clouds, the sun is shining, the most fascinating landscape comes alive. If your are really lucky, you get this amazing sunrise or sunset making the experience even more epic, creating these magical godlike cloudcarpets. Its difficult to understand, knowing these shapes are being created in the middle of the air, so the brain doesn´t really comprehend it, but at the same time you can really feel it, cause you are right there in them! Lost in a macigal moment.

For me, this is spot on how I want to appraoch my design. I believe a designer should approach his/her work with their heart and not their brain. Like M-Wanders says, “things needs to be more spiritual and poetic, why do they always have to tell a story of how they´ve been made?” 

Think about that. 

I believe far too many of today´s products are being created on the wrong premises. It looks like the psychological and emotional values of a product has been sacrified in order to satisfy the physiological and economical premises. This isn´t a healthy startingpoint, it´s not even logical.  I mean, if you think about it, the first interaction you have with an object is of aesthetic art, right? Shouldn´t this be a natural way to start the process? You tell me?


Lines from a poem

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We all wish we knew how to write beautiful poems right.. How nice wouldn´ t it be to surprise someone with some well written text, that would really make a connection with someone. Not necessarily with everyone, cause thats not possibly. Everbody wouldn´t relate to the poems context at the same level, and therefore consider it of different value. But for the ones who really made a connection, that poem becomes sacred!

Design should be like that  too! And, think about it, great design is!